Repairing your treasured photographs

I scan your original photo and it’s this digital version that’s repaired, enhanced & manipulated . The original photograph is returned to you unaltered. I can also work from your own scanned image if the image is of high enough quality (minimum 300dpi).

How much does it cost?
Every photo is different. I would need to see your photo/scan so that I can assess it and give you a quote.

The restoration price is largely dependent on the amount of time it will take to restore.

Quick & Easy Fix From £2.00 Image in Good condition
Basic Fix From £4.00 Image in Fair condition
Intermediate Fix From £8.00 Image in Mediocre condition
Advanced Fix From £12.00 Image in Poor condition
Complex Fix From £20.00 Image in Very poor condition

Heavily faded photos require a large amount of enhancement to revive the contrast. This also “enhances” any flaws and damage so there may be more work needed than initially thought.

If applicable, return postage of your original photo will be:
UK Signed For from £2.41 or, if requested, UK Special Delivery from £7.21.

How long will it take?
I aim to get back to you with a quote within 2 working days of receiving your photo/scan. From your approval of the quotation to receiving an email proof is currently 5 to10 working days.

Your prints and/or finished digital copy will be sent the next working day once your payment has cleared.